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A collection of four masterworks for the stage by Ping Chong,
including Deshima, Chinoiserie, After Sorrow, and Pojagi
with a preface by Jessica Hagedorn.

THE EAST-WEST QUARTET is a collection of four works for the stage by Ping Chong, including Deshima, Chinoiserie, After Sorrow and Pojagi.

For nearly three decades, Ping Chong and his company have written and staged some of the most innovative and arresting examinations of "The Other" on stages in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. His work more than any other artist has explored the ways Asian cultures have intersected with contemporary American society and throughout history.
This volume collects four of his masterworks created over the past decade:

Deshima (1990)
a documentary collage of the history of the West and Japan;

Chinoiserie (1995)
spans centuries, continents and cultures, where the mysterious East meets the mysterious West;

After Sorrow (1997)
explores the legacy of war in Vietnam;

Pojagi (1999)
a poetic documentary on Korea from the sixteenth century to today.

The Washington Post has said these works are "like poems in their simplicity and power to evoke . . . carefully wrought and beautifully designed."

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How to Purchase:
COCKTAIL is published by Silkworm Books and is available at fine bookstores nationwide.


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