Jane Jung

Managing Director

Jane Jung is a member of the Artistic Leadership Team and Managing Director. As Managing Director she led the development of the organization’s Strategic Plan that identified a three year transition period after the retirement of Ping Chong and Bruce Allardice. With Ping Chong and Company, she established the Creative Fellowship (2019 - 2023), which supported three rounds of interdisciplinary artists of color building practice and engaging with the PCC archive and organization. Jane first started working with PCC in 2010, and has been General Manager and Director of Operations and Planning, before becoming Managing Director in 2019. She has been a Manager and Producer for individual artists and theater projects. From 2014-2017, she was Managing Director of The Civilians. Jane is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama and Mount Holyoke College.

"I first joined PCC in 2010, after graduating with a degree in Theater Management and moving to NYC. I left PCC in 2014 and then returned in 2018, and became Managing Director in July 2019. The Covid shutdown in 2020 was a defining moment of transition, on so many levels, and a new challenge in leadership and adaptation. Ping and Bruce decided to officially retire during that time, by the end of 2022. This decision put into motion a succession and strategic plan process. Prior to the Covid shutdown, I had instigated the creation of the Creative Fellowship program, which not only supported interdisciplinary artists of color wishing to build their practice and develop new work, but invited Fellows to be part of the PCC staff, as artists. This notion of having artists on staff, an integral part of developing an organizational structure and processes carries through to the formation of the ALT.

What makes PCC unique is a clear-eyed artistic vision stemming from the support of the generative artist as a whole person, the sustained creation of new work on the artist's terms (which has always meant a producing structure adaptive to the artist, idea, and needs of the project), true belief in the leadership potential and vision of the artist. PCC has led the way for over five decades because we are structured in a way that allows the artists to guide the path forward. Belief in artist-led approaches, for me, is affirmed by directly seeing the impact the work (as in the works of art) has on audiences, whether that’s change, horror, healing, connection, questioning, revealing what was there all along, but not yet surfaced.”