Training Institutes

The PCC Training Institute is a one-week intensive designed to engage and inspire artists, teachers, students, and community practitioners interested in developing unique performance projects that explore oral history, art, and community engagement. Participants work directly with Ping Chong and Company artists to explore the innovative community-based performance and documentary theatre practices the company employs to create Undesirable Elements — PCC’s series of interview-based theater productions.  Topics include artful and ethical strategies for conducting interviews, adapting personal stories into an original script, and building relationships with community organizations.  Master Classes with acclaimed artists (Ping Chong, ALT members, etc.) explore devising strategies and the related aesthetics and social justice issues of his multidisciplinary works.

The summer training institute is on hiatus. Application details for the next Institute will be shared here when available.

PCC also offers adaptable modules of our training institute in university, institutional, and organizational settings.


For questions and inquiries please contact Sara Zatz.

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Teaching Artist Trainings

PCC offers annual training workshops for Teaching Artists that explore:

  • The company’s interview-based Undesirable Elements production work and Secret Histories curriculum.
  • Strategies for building ensemble, engaging students in the generation of personal narratives, supporting the development of performance skills, theatricalizing written text, and infusing learning spaces with joy, honor, and respect.
  • Principles of effective teaching artistry, and guided reflection on strengths, growth-edges, and goals.
  • Strategies for effective relationship-building and collaborative planning with Classroom Teachers and co-facilitators.

Acceptance to the Teaching Artist Training is by application, and accepted TAs are paid for their participation. Applications for the next TA training cohort open each fall, and will be posted to the Careers page when available.

In addition, PCC partners with regional theaters and presenters to train local Teaching Artists in our methodology, as part of a curriculum licensing package.


If you are interested in joining our cohort of Teaching Artists, or bringing our training to your Teaching Artist, please contact Education Director Christina Bixland.

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