January 30, 2023

A Celebration of Ping Chong and Bruce Allardice!

Last week, we came together for All Island Connect Underwater: A Celebration of Ping Chong and Bruce Allardice.

Our tribute to Ping and Bruce and the artistic community that has been a part of their journey for fifty years was an experience beyond any other. As old and new friends gathered and an incredible lineup of performers and toasters shared the spotlights at the sold-out Chelsea Factory, we could feel the love and gratitude that filled the room.

Read all about the event and an interview with Ping, which was featured in the New York Times: "For A Pioneering Artist, the Joy of Having Done the Work His Way" by Laura Collins-Hughes.

Here are some videos that we created for the occasion, tributes to Ping, Bruce and a glimpse of our future. These were edited by Satoko Sugiyama.

Thank you to Chinese Theatre Works, Fogo Azul, Muna Tseng, Meredith Monk, Jazz Passengers, and host Jessica Hagedorn for creating an evening beyond measure, and illustrating the transformative power of live performance; and to Mia Yoo, Melanie Joseph, Kim Chan, Amy Chin, Councilmember Gale Brewer for your tributes to Ping, Bruce and their partnership.

Thank you to Chelsea Factory, our Production Team led by Bill Toles, Madison Lusby, Richie Clark, Alejandro Fajardo, Waymon Arnette, and our inimitable event producer Boo Froebel for creating a singular evening that encapsulated the spirit of PCC.

Thank you to our Board of Directors, our generous supporters, and all of you for showing your love and support for Bruce and Ping and our company.

We are entering the next chapter of Ping Chong and Company uplifted by your presence, energy and support. We can't wait to share all that's ahead with you.

Photo Credits

Top Photo: Jeenah Moon for the New York Times. 2nd from Top: Jane Jung. All Other Photos: Alexis Buatti-Ramos