April 12, 2021

A new website & logo!

Welcome to our new website! We are excited today to launch our new online home base and graphic identity.

We began work on our new website and logo over a year ago, before we shifted to working remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. During the entire time we've been working on the site, we have seen shifts in how we create and collaborate. We've launched new online works engaging a multigenerational cohort of artists, adapted our longstanding Undesirable Elements form into video productions, and finished and started a new season of our Secret Histories in-school programming online. While the past year looked very different from what used to be our "normal" - working in cozy quarters out of our offices at 47 Great Jones Street - all of this has confirmed to us the possibilities and importance of how we connect to each other and create online.

Our new website is a convergence of past, present, and future. The heart of this website, which is reflective of the heart of our company's mission, is the body of original work generated by Founding Artistic Director Ping Chong and our community of affiliated artists. We aim to create a holistic and welcoming home where artists can experiment and create. This site documents and shares this work, and associated training and education programs, that come from this charge.

The new site features an extensive and robust Production Archive, documenting 115 works (and growing). You can search and browse the Production Archive in multiple ways, including by Theme, Place, Year, and also, importantly, Discipline, as this new site highlights the highly interdisciplinary nature of PCC's body of work. Throughout the site various photo thumbnail selections from the Production Archive will pop up randomly, offering up a point of entry and discovery into the body of work.

We also have a brand new section of Resources for researchers, scholars, students who wish to dig deeper; longer form writing on ongoing initiatives and projects under Featured Projects; and information about our growing Education and Training program area.

A huge thank you to Manuel Miranda Practice for designing the new website and graphic identity and to Zach Seuberling , the developer, for building the site. And a special shout out to Irisdelia Garcia, Olivia Xing, and Shaila Schmidt for the research and coordination effort that went into the new site.

This is just the beginning. Over time, we are going to keep adding new content, and expanding on the site. We will be posting latest news and more details about our upcoming Spring 2021 offerings and events. Make sure to check back often.

Tell us what you think! Have fun exploring and drop us a line on our social media (@pingchongco) or send an email to info@pingchong.org to share your thoughts.