April 21, 2022

Ping Chong featured in PBS show “Articulate” and a new book, "The Lost Conversation"

Ping Chong in Articulate's segment, "Ping Chong: Intents and Purposes"

Delve into Ping Chong’s latest conversations on his artistic legacy!

In a new segment for the PBS show, Articulate, Ping reflects on his personal and artistic journey. Ping shares about his childhood in New York City’s Chinatown, the beginning of a long history of collaboration with Meredith Monk, the idea of “otherness” in his works, and his preparations for retirement. The episode is titled “Ping Chong: Intents and Purposes,” and delves into Ping’s intents and purposes in his art and in his life. See the full segment at Articulate website here. You can also find stations and air times in your area for Articulate here.

Articulate is a show created in 2015 by radio journalist and broadcaster, Jim Cotter, telling human stories of creative thinkers.

Ping is also included in The Lost Conversation: Interviews with an Enduring Avant-Garde, edited by Sara Farrington and published by 53rd State Press. The book includes conversations with artistic voices working in the New York avant-garde over the past 50 years, including Ping Chong, Joanne Akalaitis, Anne Bogart, and many others. The conversations explore the life of the artists behind their arts, their evolution and persistence through the process of creating art in NYC. Pre-order the book here, to be released in late May.