Cage Is Stage

Visual Art and Installation

About the Production

Curator Danny Yung invited some 30 plus artists to respond to an idea. What would you put in a cricket box as an installation? In traditional China once upon a time, young children had pet crickets kept in a carved, wooden box specifically designed to house them complete with air holes so they can breath and a sliding door. The box is tiny, about 4 inches long by 2 1/2 inches wide. Ping Chong's box contained images from different productions of his work over 39 years. These images also collectively function as a puzzle once laid out to form a larger surface. When you turn the images over the puzzle pieces can come together to form a quote. A quote from the great Argentinian writer, Jorge Luis Borges that relates to the concept. It is a tiny box in which the vision of a single artist corresponds to the Borgesian quote. It is a life not in a nutshell but in a cricket box.

Production Team And Cast

Conceived by

Ping Chong

Curated by

Danny Yunh

Performance History


Cage is Stage, DECK Gallery 1 & 2, Singapore, Singapore (February 2017)