Chinoiserie Redux

Film and Media

About the Production

Chinoiserie Redux is an hour-long digital film, inspired by Ping Chong Chong’s earlier theatrical work, Chinoiserie, part of a series known as The East/West Quartet. Like the original work, Chinoiserie Redux connects the present day and the personal with an historical past still being felt today. The film’s narrative weaves personal reflections, music and song, with historical strands, such as the opium war, the building of the railroads across the USA, the murder of Vincent Chin, and the mythical birth of tea, among other things.

Production Team And Cast

Conceived and Directed by

Ping Chong

Written by

Ping Chong and Michael Matthews

Assistant Director, Cinematographer, Editor, and Production Coordinator

Kristina Varshavskaya

Costume Design

Stefani Mar

Lighting Design

Hao Bai

Sound Design

Ernesto Valenzuela

Make-up Artist and Design

Amanda Briskin-Wallace

Production Assistant

Destiny Castro

Shadow Puppet Creators

Stephen Kaplin and Kuang-Yu


Zakaria Khafagy and Jaime Sunwoo


Ping Chong, Christopher Caines, Hyunmin Rhee, Wale Adebiyi (Voice Over), Amaris Harney, Richard Chang, Valois Mickens, George Drance, Monique Holt

ASL Interperter

Mindy Pfeffer