Collidescope 4.0 (University of Minnesota)


About the Production

Collidescope 4.0 is the third iteration of the original premiere production Collidescope: Adventures in Pre- and Post-Racial America, adapted for University of Minnesota’s campus and community. Still centering the exploration of America’s history of violence directed at African Americans, Collidescope 4.0 differs from its predecessor by including scenes and research reflective of the local community’s history.

Following the premiere production, Collidescope (2014), Ping Chong and Company created a new touring model that transforms the original Collidescope production into a flexible performance platform that can address racial history in communities around the United States, incorporating local historical events through documentary material, devised theatrical responses to recent community events, and personal experiences of individual performers.

Production Team And Cast

Conceived by

Ping Chong

Written and Directed by

Ping Chong and Talvin Wilks

Assistant Director

Nathan Aastuen


Leslie Parker

Assistant Choreographer

Derek Sykes

Music Director

Shelby Smith

Scenic Design

Arina Solbodianik

Lighting Design

Patricia Goodson

Costume Design

Matthew J. LeFebvre

Projections Design

Katherine Freer

Sound Design

Jeffrey Dorfman and Montana Johnson

Acting Coaches

Sharon Andrews and Cindy Gendrich

Song Coach

Lynn Book

Vocal and Dialect Coach

Keely Wolter

Fight Consultant

Annie Enneking

Stage Manager

Stephanie Kahle

Assistant Stage Manager

Diana Chen and Ella Egan


Maje Adams, Marguerite Arbogast, Noah Branch, Sabrina Diehl, Amber Frederick, Scott Larsen, Ethan Lizotte, Davie Michaeli, Tyra Ramsey, Emily Rosenberg, Cole Seager, Derek Sykes, Sophia Watkins and Genevieve Wisdom

Performance History


University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN (October - November 2019)


University of Minnesota