Cry for Peace: Voices From The Congo


About the Production

Cry for Peace features five refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo sharing their stories of brutality, loss and regeneration. The piece is based on interviews with members of the Congolese community of Syracuse, NY, which is home to hundreds of refugees from the DRC. Cry for Peace aims to promote healing, unity and reconciliation within the Congolese community and promote peace and justice in the Congo. It is also a call to action and an indictment of the plunder of the 1st world that goes on to this day. The tragedy of the Congo is the result of its plentitude of its natural resources.

Production Team And Cast

Directed by

Ping Chong

Written by

Ping Chong and Kyle Bass, with Sara Zatz, in collaboration with the performers

Lighting Design

Brant Thomas Murray

Sound Design

Jonathan R. Herter

Stage Manager

Stuart Plymesser

Projection Design

Kate Freer


Cyprien Mihgo


Cyprien Mihigo, Emmanuel Ndeze, Beatrice Neema, Kambale Syaghuswa, Mona de Vestel, and Dina Ndeze Mahirwe (original workshop)

Performance History


Syracuse Stage, Syracuse, NY (December 2010)

Beckett Theater, New York, NY (April 2011); Georgetown University Washington, D.C. (September 2011); Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY (July 2012)


Syracuse Stage, Syracuse, NY (September 2012)


La MaMa, New York, NY (October 2012)

Part of the Undesirable Elements Festival, (October 18- November 4, 2012)


Syracuse University Arts Engage Program

Syracuse Stage

Congolese community

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