Rainer and the Knife


About the Production

Rainer and the Knife is a postmodern spin on an old-fashioned Grimms-style fairy tale. It is the grim fable of an innocent boy who ventures out in the world protected by a gift from his mother: a double-edge knife. When Rainer loses the knife, it falls into the hands of an assassin. After committing murder, the assassin returns the knife to Rainer, who is then accused of the crime and put to his death. The moral of the story: never lose your knife.

Dedicated to the original Chicago cast

Production Team And Cast

Conceived, Written and Directed by

Ping Chong and Rob List


Public Image LTD., The Young Marble Giants, Comedian Harmonistes and Erik Neumann

Set Design

Ping Chong


Chicago Production: Eric Neumann, Marianna Buchwald, Sheree Blakemore, jerry Feferman, Chris Kain, Jackie Radis, Isadora Guggenheum, Lin Shook, Kaja Overstreet, Lauren Wilks, Stephanie Riley, Catherine Fergus / New York Production: Mariana Buchwald, Steve Clorfeine, Michael Duffy, Barbara Duyfjes, Tannis Hugill, Trinket Monsod, Erik Neumann, Kaja Overstreet, Ingrid Reffert, Mary Schultz, Louise Smith, Gail Turner, Cathy Zimmerman

Performance History


MoMing Dance and Art Center, Chicago, IL (May 1981)


The Kitchen, New York, NY (November 1982)


Moming Dance and Art Center

The Kitchen