Secret Histories: Oxford


About the Production

Secret Histories: Oxford explores the lived experiences of five residents of Oxford, MS. Each cast member shares the unique experiences that brought them to reside in Oxford, and the challenges and joys of embodying complex identities. The production seeks to break down stereotypes and engage in community dialogue by showcasing the real-life stories and experiences of Oxford residents whose stories might not otherwise be heard.

Production Team And Cast

Written and Directed by

Leyla Modirzadeh, in collaboration with the cast

Light Board Operator

Camp Best

Sound Design

Ricky Burkhead

Stage Manager

Allyson Cartwright

Sound Board Operator

Eric Feldman


Annie Hollowell, Brittany Ray, Jena Linzy, Joe Turner Cantu, Yukako Yamada

Performance History


Powerhouse Theater, Oxford, MS (April 2008)


Powerhouse Community Arts Center

William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation