South of the 8


About the Production

South of the 8 is an interview-based theater production that explores issues of culture and identity in neighborhoods south of the I-8 in San Diego, considered by many to be a dividing line in the city. South of the 8 seeks to break down stereotypes and engage in community dialogue, by showcasing the real-life stories and experiences of individuals from a variety of backgrounds who live “South of the 8”, shining a light on untold stories from these neighborhoods.

Production Team And Cast

Directed by

Sara Zatz

Written by

Sara Zatz and Daniela Rivera, in collaboration with the performers


Jacole Kitchen

Lighting Design

Joel Britt

Stage Manager

Mandisa Reed

Assistant Director

Daniela Rivera

Technical Assistant

Michael Cornforth


Cast Iyari Arteaga, Trendale Charon, DeAndre Clay, Omar Romman Johnson, Autumn Mercy Rapson; Understudy: Cortez Johnson

Performance History


City Heights Performance Annex, San Diego, California (March 2017)


La Jolla Playhouse

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