Testimonial II

Visual Art and Installation,

About the Production

Testimonial II is a variation of Testimonial, the Venice installation. This time the site is the art gallery in the Art Center at Lafayette College. The exterior wall of the art gallery is all glass. This time the testimonials of individuals from our time are stenciled on to the glass exterior of the art gallery. The interior of the gallery floor is covered with white mica chips, luminous glowing from the intensity of hidden lights. On the back wall is a large single projection of diverse human faces waxing and waning like the moon, a recycled element from an earlier installation, Tempus Fugit. The entire interior of the gallery is also part of the installation with the stenciled text on the glass exterior surface. The viewer does not enter the space of the gallery.

Production Team And Cast

Conceived by

Ping Chong

Curated by

Michiki Okaya

Performance History


Lafayette Gallery at the Williams Center for the Arts (2006)


Lafayette College