Undesirable Elements/Hamilton College


About the Production

Undesirable Elements/Hamilton College explores the first-hand experiences of eight undergraduate Hamilton College students of Caribbean, Chinese, Jewish Latina, Native American, South Asian and Lebanese descent. Each cast member shares their own unique personal histories, and their individual stories interweave to create a collective one.

Production Team And Cast

Directed by

Ping Chong

Written by

Ping Chong, in collaboration with the performers


Zizhu Ma, Shammi Akhtar Dowla, Jazmin Gatto, Elena Wood, Keithley Woolward, Judith Julien, Amanda Malcolm, Daniel Kenneth Mason

Performance History


Hamilton College, Clinton, NY (February 1999)


Hamilton College


Ping Chong's residency and the performance were sponsored by the Kirkland Project for the study of Gender, Society and Culture at Hamilton College, with additional funding from the Victor S. Johnson Family Lecture Fund, the Kirkland Endowment and the Office of the President.