Aan Yatx'u Saani: Noble People of the Land


About the Production

Aan Yatx'u Saani: Noble People of the Land is an interview-based theater production featuring five Alaska Native elders sharing their own personal stories, illuminating their deep connections with Juneau's Old Indian Village and the downtown area often called the Willoughby District. With music and video projections, they weave their memories with little-known histories revealing massive changes that have marked the heart of the Capital City.

Aan Yatx'u Sanni: Noble People of the Land lifts up enduring community and cultural values to imagine a more inclusive and just future for Juneau.

Production Team And Cast

Directed by

Ryan Conarro and Frank Henry Kaash Katasse

Written by

Ryan Conarro and Frank Henry Kaash Katasse, in collaboration with the performers


Paul Marks II and Elijah Marks

Lighting Design

Greg Mitchell

Sound Engineer

Betsy Sims

Projection Design

Greg Mitchell

Stage Manager

Sue Schrader

Technical Director

Erik Chadwell

Visual Artists

Abel Ryan, Robert Davis Hoffmann, Ian Petershoare

Design Assistant

Allison McSwain

Community Engagement Collaborator

Miciana Hutcherson

AanYatxu.org Website Archive Lead

Sarah Campen


Ernestine Hayes; Khinkaduneek Paul Marks; Lillian Petershoare; Marcelo Quinto; Walter A. Soboleff, Jr

Performance History


Juneau Arts & Culture Center,Juneau, AK (2018)


Juneau Arts and Humanities Council


Alaska Humanities Forum
Rasmuson Foundation
University of Alaska Southeast

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