After Sorrow

Dance, Theater

About the Production

After Sorrow is a dance theater work that features four separate—yet thematically related—solo dance theatre pieces performed by Muna Tseng. Based on biographical and autobiographical sources, After Sorrow examines the fragile place where personal histories intersect and are transformed into a universal truth. Using dance, spoken and recorded texts, live music and image, After Sorrow creates an imagistic picture of East-West relations, culminating in a portrait of Vietnam- after the French-after the Americans-after the war facing an inconclusive future. The first three pieces (L'Histoire Chinoise, Whispers of the Stone and 98.6: a convergence in 15 minutes) form a suite about loss and the obligations owed to family and friends; the fourth piece After Sorrow (Viet Nam) is about the legacy of war. 98.6 was a free standing chamber work which was integrated into After Sorrow.

After Sorrow is the third part of Ping Chong’s East/West Quartet.

Production Team And Cast

Conceived, Written and Directed by

Ping Chong


Josef Fung


Muna Tseng


Wu Man (Pipa)

Lighting Design

Thomas Hase

Costume Design

Han Feng and Stefani Mar

Set and Production Design

Watoku Ueno

Sound Design

David Meschter and Brian Hallas


Anna Seckinger

Stage Manager

Courtney Golden


Muna Tseng

Performance History


La MaMa E.T.C., New York, NY (January 1997)


California State University in Long Beach, CA (July 1997)

The Theater of Nations Festival in Seoul, Republic of Korea (September 1997)

Dance Place, Washington, DC (October 1997)

Hamilton College, Clinton, NY (October 1997)

Rockford College, Rockford, IL (February 1998)

University of Texas, El Paso, TX (April 1998)

The Festival of Asian Art in Hong Kong (October 1998)


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