Fear and Loathing in Gotham


About the Production

Fear and Loathing in Gotham is Ping Chong’s first full-length work. The story follows a White detective as he pursues an Asian serial killer, who murders little girls. The work features shadow play and no dialogue, giving it a resemblance to a silent movie. Loosely based on Fritz Lang’s M, Fear and Loathing is a harrowing, visceral and disturbing work about alienation and cultural estrangement. It is an interdisciplinary work that represents a point of transition between Ping Chong's visual arts roots and the performing arts.

Production Team And Cast

Conceived, Written and Directed by

Ping Chong

Production Managers

Kay Hines and Jean Claude Ribes


Meredith Monk

Set and Production Design

Ping Chong


Nora Guthrie


Original: Ping Chong, John Parton, Nora Guthrie, Jean Claude Ribes Tour: Rob List, Marlene Pennison, Steve Clorfeine and Don Voisine

Performance History


Jean Cocteau Theatre, New York, NY (May 1975)


Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY (January 1980)

American Theatre Laboratory (Dance Theater Workshop), New York, NY (February 1980)

Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC (April 1981)

The Ohio Theater, New York, NY

Cabaret Voltaire, Turin, Italy

Centro di Ricerca Per Teatro, Milan, Italy

Theatre Quotidien, Montpellier, France

Maison de la Culture, Nanterre, France

Les Ateliers, Lyon, France

World Theatre Festival, Nancy, France

University of Maryland, Catonsville, MD (February 1982)

Moming Dance and Art Center, Chicago, IL (February 1982)

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN (February 1982)