Generation Rise

Film and Media

About the Production

Generation Rise is a filmed virtual theater work, sharing real-life stories of six New York City teenagers, ages 16-19, during the year 2020. This new work in the Undesirable Elements series focuses on the voices and experiences of Black and POC teens from across New York City reflecting on their early lives prior to 2020, and the significance of a year of growing up during a global pandemic and renewed calls for racial justice. Generation Rise is commissioned by the New 42/New Victory Theater, and created in partnership with Urban Word NYC.

A special online preview of Generation Rise was presented in partnership with Urban Word NYC on June 17, 2021.

Production Team And Cast

Co-writer and Co-director

Sara Zatz and Kirya Traber

Visual Director

Richard Louissaint

Production Coordinator

Tanya Barrett

Motion Graphics Designer

Ta-Shea Brown

Post Production Sound

Tyson Dai

Original Music

Bridget Perez

Teaching Artist and Poetry Advisor

Darian Dauchan


Ashlie Farah Kilhah Nathaniel Sanaa Serena


Urban Word NYC
New 42/ New Victory Theater