Undesirable Elements/Madison, WI


About the Production

In Spring 2001, Ping Chong was the Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, teaching a course called Vampires, Doppelgängers and Aliens--Resident and Otherwise. The course invited students from different artistic disciplines and personal histories to build on the central themes examined in the Undesirable Elements series through the creation of interdisciplinary artistic projects. The course culminated in an Undesirable Elements production featuring first-hand experiences of University students, staff and community members.

Production Team And Cast

Directed by

Ping Chong

Written by

Ping Chong, in collaboration with the cast

Production Manager

John G. Frautschy

Lighting Design

John G. Frautschy

Set Design

Watoku Ueno

Sound Design

Brian Hallas

Stage Manager

Kirsten Moore


Pabitra Benjamin, Angel Francisco Castelan Torres, Quoa Her, Claudia Nascimento, David Douglas Smith, Yan Xu


University of Wisconsin/Madison


Ping Chong’s residency was supported by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arts Institute