Noiresque: The Fallen Angel


About the Production

Noiresque: The Fallen Angel is Alice in Wonderland meets film noir. This modern-day Alice, an orphan, is shunted about by a family who doesn’t want her. One day, sent to yet another family member who doesn't want her and desperate to be free, she gets off at a stop she had been warned not to get off at- an Art Deco Wonderland where she encounters Herr Hasenpfeffer. The rest is history.

Production Team And Cast

Conceived, Written and Directed by

Ping Chong


Brian Hallas


Ping Chong

Lighting Design

Howard Thies

Sound Design

Brian Hallas

Set Design

Ping Chong

Costume Design

Matthew Yokobosky


Lauren Tom, Ron Nakahara, Mel Duane Gionson, Kati Kuroda, Du-Yee Chang, Norris M. Shimabuku and Mary Lee

Performance History


Playhouse 46 at St. Clement’s, New York, NY (May 1989)


Pan-Asian Repertory Theater