About the Production

Based on Robert Cormier’s young adult novel The Chocolate Wars, Persuasion uses the subject of a Catholic school fundraiser as a microcosm of the perils of capitalism.

Production Team And Cast

Conceived and Directed by

Ping Chong

Written by

Ping Chong, Anne Basting and Vince LiCata

Production Assistant

Anne Basting

Lighting Design

John David Paul

Sound Design

Martin Gwinup

Set Design

John David Paul

Costume Design

Patt Ness

Stage Manager

Heather Cameron


Sara Tobin, Christopher V. Edwards, Brian Goranson, Heide Janssen, Vince LiCata, Ion Kenneth, Brian Page, Paul de Cordova, Anne Parker, Dawna Christopher, William Gladen, Kari Samuels, Charles Nolte and Lou Markert

Performance History


University Theatre, University of Minnesota (May 1994)


University of Minnesota Department of Theatre Arts and Dance


The TCG/Pew Charitable Trust National Theatre Artist Residency Program

The Winton Chair in the University of Minnesota’s Department of Theatre and Dance