Plage Concrete

Visual Art and Installation

About the Production

The tension of the man-made world and the natural world once again come into dialogue in Ping Chong's Plage Concrete or Concrete Beach. However, in Plage Concrete the man-made world overwhelms the natural one. A site specific work created for three different spaces nature is a captive of the man-made one. The peninsula of the 3 Rivers park is in downtown Pittsburg. When you enter the park you are confronted by a billboard which is not an advertisement but a confrontation between nature and man. Two taxidermied deer stare at the viewers as they enter the park. It is almost an accusation of their loss of habitat. A moment of resentment on their part. Elsewhere in the park under a concrete bridge two dead deer lay on a concrete support under a steel buttress of the bridge. The huge buttress above has mirrors installed into each section creating a horizontal bar of mirrored light reflecting back to the viewer. A bell hangs under the bridge, but it's silence is telling. Nature has been largely banished and the river below is a vestigial reminder of it. In an art gallery in another part of the city, a video plays. It is an essentialization of man's presence on the planet and his relationship to nature. Once again the contemplative nature of Ping Chong's installation work is apparent here.

Production Team And Cast

Conceived by

Ping Chong

Curated by

Gary Garrels and Jock Reynolds

Performance History


Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA (1988)


Carnegie Museum of Art