Undesirable Elements/Newark


About the Production

Undesirable Elements/Newark explores the lived experiences of residents of Newark, NJ. Each cast member shares the unique experiences that brought them to reside in Newark, and the challenges and joys of embodying complex identities. The production seeks to break down stereotypes and engage in community dialogue by showcasing the real-life stories and experiences of Newark residents whose stories might not otherwise be heard.

Production Team And Cast

Written and directed by

Ping Chong, in collaboration with the cast

Associate Director

Ken Johnson

Production Associates

Lindsay Oakes and Hitoshi Yoshiki


Kabu Davies, Oscar Marchant, Trinket Monsod, Linda Rodrigues, Patrick Ssenjovo

Performance History


“Crossing Invisible Borders” Diversity Week Performance Festival, Robert V. Van Fossan Theatre, Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, NJ (March 1999)


NJ Performing Arts Center