Undesirable Elements/Seattle


About the Production

Undesirable Elements/Seattle explores the first-hand experiences of eight Seattle residents from diverse cultural backgrounds: African-American, Icelandic, Indonesian, Inupiaq, Iranian, Japanese, Latvian and Palestinian. Each cast member shares the unique experiences that brought them to reside in Seattle, and their individual stories interweave to create a collective one. Culture, community and identity collide to form a living history on stage.

Production Team And Cast

Directed by

Ping Chong

Written by

Ping Chong, in collaboration with the cast


Talvin Wilks

Scenic Design

Gary E. Cotter

Lighting Design

Darren McCroom

Sound Design

David Pascal

Projection design

Will Cloughley/Synapse Productions

Stage Manager

Sarah S. Mixson


Kristofer Longley Cochran, Hanna Eady, Nikki Nojima Louis, Ivars Mikelson, Leyla Modirzadeh, Zola M. Mumford, Ragna Sigrunardottir, Julyana Soelistyo

Performance History


The Group, Seattle’s Multicultural Theatre at the Seattle Center, Seattle WA (Feb-Mar 1995)


The Group Theatre